Mohammad Golmohammdi

Artist Name : Mohammad Golmohammadi

Biography Artist

Mohammad Golmohammadi Born in Iran_Arak , 1990
-Calligrapher , painter and manuscripts expert
Show artwork in Ghasr museum in Tehran , 2019
-Participate in jewelry charity auction 2017 and 2018
-Holding an Individual Exhibition by Cultural Heritage invitation in the Mafakher museum ( in year 2016)
-Establishing the Govar private school of Calligraphy (2008_2009)
-Classical calligraphy complementary training in the super-privileged level with a lasting face
Abbas Akhavein in 2009
Iranian calligraphy, a royal art which during its 700-year history, has been the bearer of moral values and messenger of peace and friendship.
Decorative art with delicacies and its subtle circumvolutions, the whole mirror of the spirits of Iranian people.
Today modern calligraphy is judged by a new look as a painting, based on borrowed forms from its past.
The words and forms have energy, in harmony with colors, such as musical notes form a music.
Today calligraphy means expressing feelings in the form of words hidden in colours. with indirect meaning and in abstract format.
My works invite you to silence.
Listen to my music with your eyes .
Mohammad Golmohammadi

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